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10 Powerful Things Raising Daughters Has Taught Me

Raising daughters is not for the faint of heart. Raising kids isn’t for the faint of heart, yet many of us find ourselves in the thick of parenthood. Each season of parenting has taught me something new about myself and how much I need God daily. The two girls God put in my care have stretched me further than I thought I could bend, and I’ve embraced so many things as I have been on this journey with them. These ten bubbled up from my heart, but I’m only partway through the journey. Right now, they are 15 and 13, with so much more living to do ... and I'm trailing alongside for the ride, growing closer to God each step of the way as I lean on Him to help raise these beautiful daughters.1. The Joy of Waiting“Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14 NLTThis verse has become my anthem for motherhood, especially as my daughters traverse their teenage years. Trailing alongside them, I often have to face the true definition of patience. It’s the opposite of control and criticism. Motherhood tends towards controlling choices, as we want our kids to avoid making painful decisions. The reality of Christ-centered parenting is allowing our children to choose and loving them the same whether they heed our wisdom or not. It takes patience to wait and see what they will choose! It’s painful! Yes, patience is painful at times. Yet, when we trust the Lord, it can also be joyful to wait on what the Lord is doing in their young lives. To trust Him with them isn’t easy. It goes against all our natural responses, even though we know God has good plans for us …and our children. Bravery and courage aren’t words we usually associate with patience, but perhaps we should! Letting go of the control we really want as parents is brave, and unconditional love takes courage.Top photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/CalypsoArt

How Are Women Uniquely Equipped to Serve the Church?

If we all take a good look at what is happening within our churches, we’ll most likely hear, read about, and see groups of women focused on numerous tasks. Both women’s and men’s activities within the church are important, but why are so many women involved in the church? What are today's churches doing well in connecting with women, and how can women use their unique talents and abilities to reach more for the Kingdom?Photo credit: ©Getty Images/SouthWorks

5 Lies Women Believe about Their Role in Their Jobs

There has been much development and significant strides regarding women in the workforce. Partly due to the feminist movement, but more recently, the uptick of women landing in the office is mainly due in part to the repercussions of the pandemic.The statistics are not as alarming or shocking when we consider that more and more women are returning to work to help cover costs and support their families as the price of everyday essential items continues to rise. Women who may not have been ready to return to work are now feeling somewhat pressured to do so. Meanwhile, other working women strive to meet unrealistic expectations and defeat the odds to achieve goals to sustain their current way of living.What is interesting, though, is that the upcoming and emerging generation of women have shown strength and courage while being bold and ambitious. Within the last five years, studies reveal more women gaining a bachelor’s degree over men and taking on more full-time positions that once generally belonged to their male counterparts.Currently, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are seeing a considerable number of women even taking on management positions in these industries. This should be a cause to celebrate women being used in powerful ways to make a difference, allowing men and women to collaborate as each brings different talents and gifts to the office table.Yet, with this massive influx of women returning to the workforce, the enemy has once again weaseled his way in and fanned the flames of insecurity and confusion. The truth of the matter is that women have always been the target, all the while knowing that if the “crown of creation” (Genesis 2:22) is manipulated, it can cause a rift in all mankind.So, let’s address and confront the lies working women believe and replace them with truth. Yes, God has much to say about our roles as women, even in the workplace.Photo Credit: ©Getty Images/Delmaine Donson

3 Things to Know about Endometriosis

When I first became a woman, periods were scary. I find that most people are squeamish when it comes to blood, and I'm no different. But the scariest part was being too afraid to tell anyone. I was in denial that my body was maturing, and so I kept it to myself. Pain included.During those first few years, the pain wasn't awful. I could pop an ibuprofen or Pamprin and go on my merry way. As I entered my early and mid-twenties, however, I suspected something was wrong. The sharp stabs and yanking were increasing. Regular doses of pain medication no longer worked, and I grew fearful yet again. This time, not because of the blood, but the unceasing agony.For five years, I suffered in silence. Doctor after doctor told me I was a normal and healthy functioning woman. They wouldn't examine me because I wasn't sexually active. But they were confident I was fine."Every woman has cramps," they'd note, adding me to the list of all the other patients they'd passed along."Here's 800mg ibuprofen," they offered, attempting to numb the pinpricks with what felt like a useless bandaid."Eat more fiber and work out to ease symptoms," they'd retort as if I wasn't already doing that.And so, I'd embrace another smile, say "Fine," and go on my way.Until the day I passed out. Until the day I crumpled in COSI. Until the day my now-husband saw me crawl on the floor to the bathroom.On that day, I decided my health and body deserved answers. It would be a long journey ahead, definitely not easy, but worth it. I desire answers and support for every one of you suffering today. And that begins by seeking answers and being informed.If I could tell people three things about Endometriosis, I would tell them this:Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images

12 New and Fresh Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love getting together with “their girls” and celebrating friendship?Valentine’s Day may be marked with flares of romantic love, but the love found within a friendship is truly special and should most certainly be celebrated! After all, these lovely ladies have seen you through thick and thin, all the highs and lows, along with your best and worst days--and they still adore you!They have witnessed your heartbreaks as you have theirs, and you have faithfully been by each other’s side, bringing comfort and reminders of God’s unfailing love. Such a blessing! Oh my, how sweet friendships really do refresh the soul (Proverbs 27:9).And so, sometimes, do chocolate and romcoms! But if you're looking for more unique and lasting ways to celebrate with your beautiful friends, this list will give you ideas you've never thought of before.So, as the holiday of love draws in, let’s find some special ways to get together with your precious friends and honor your beautiful relationship that was brought together by a good and gracious Father.Here are 12 Galantine’s party ideas that are sure to strike your fancy and allow you to “treat” yourself and those dear ladies in your life who bring you so much joy!Photo Credit: ©Priscilla du Preez/Unsplash

7 Festive Dishes to Make for Valentine's Day

Love is in the air. Can you feel it? Usually, by this time, I already have red and pink hearts gracing my mantle and cute mini mailboxes on our dining room table waiting to be filled with love letters. Yet, this year, I am moving a bit slower, and the box of love-filled décor sits on my garage floor, ready and waiting to be displayed. Maybe I will get to it today. Yep! I think I will.The truth is that the weather has altered my motivation a bit. We have had some pretty cold days around here, and I still feel like I am in hibernation mood, ready to curl up with a good book and get all cozied up until a blanket. So, while I am ready to celebrate love and always anticipate this sweet holiday, I am finding that I need some warm, cozy, and maybe even nostalgic dishes to welcome it in and set the tone.Generally, my little family makes a nice meal and then sits around the dining room table, decorated with hearts and pink plates, as we open up our mailboxes and read the love letters we wrote to one another. Sometimes, it goes smoothly; other times, it brings laughter, but we (my dear hubby and I) usually have to tamper our expectations and remember we are celebrating with our children, two of whom are teens. And, trust me, it can bring all kinds of unexpected blunders. Last year, we ate dinner at 9 pm because my oldest had to work. Other times, we have had boyfriends or our daughter's friends join us, which is always fun and eventful. I also vividly remember when our two oldest daughters got into a food fight because one forgot to write a letter, and the other one who did write a letter wasn't "so loving." Needless to say, they cleaned the kitchen out of their "love" for me-ha!But, even though I have no idea what Valentine's will bring, I am still always eager to make a fun and festive meal to show my family just how much I love them, flaws and all. Maybe you have a plan to bring love into your home as well, and you need some festive foods that will welcome the ambiance of love. Well, friend, I've got you covered. Below is a simple dinner plan along with several "sweet" dishes (because it's all about the dessert, right?) that you can grace your table and spread the love.
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How Can Psalm 23 Inspire My Self-Care?

As we left the kids with my parents, I felt a sense of relief. The burden of mothering was lifted off of my shoulders. My husband and I were going out of town without the kids. Freedom!We giggled like newlyweds as we drove off. We spent our vacation sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, and talking with no interruptions. I didn’t have to cut up food or get five other plates ready before sitting down to my own meal.When we wanted to just sit, we could just close our eyes and enjoyed the quiet.But that’s not my regular life. Parenting is not for the faint of heart; whether you’re new to it, or a pro. It doesn’t matter if you have one kid or five...it’s hard.Endless meal prep, dirty clothes, and decisions can make us feel used up. All we want is an escape. Without intention, we turn to social media or screening for momentary relief.However, there is an ultimate source of relief that we can see in Psalm 23.
wPhoto credit: ©Getty Images/skynesher

6 Actresses Making a Change in Hollywood

Her mom secretly packed the Bible for her. In an interview with Fox News, she said, "I didn't even know how to read one. I'd never read one before in my life. I opened up the Book of Matthew. And as I'm reading in the middle of the night, I knew I was holding the truth in my hands. There wasn't anybody in the room saying, 'Be this denomination or that denomination.' It was like, 'I want to follow Jesus Christ.'

5 Ways the Bible Defines True Feminism

Feminism has been a long-standing debate and source of contention among the secular and spiritual realms for literally hundreds of years.However, before we seek to understand feminism, and more so how God defines it, let’s start with a little history that inspired it all.The first wave of feminism began in 1848 when the Women’s Suffrage Movement. This was the essential starting point for women's equality. Women stood up for their rights, especially their right to vote.In the mid-1950s, the Civil Rights Movement was a call to end discrimination, racial segregation, and prejudice. However, this was also a vital part of the Women’s Rights Movement as women demanded equal rights and pay as men.In 1973, the revolutionary ruling of Roe vs. Wade made abortion care legal and more accessible. Then, most recently, in 2022, the overturn of Roe vs. Wade decided to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion.Basically, the Women’s Rights Movement started out with a mission and goal to obtain essential rights for women. However, over time, that view has been somewhat corroded, as the focus isn’t solely on women anymore.In fact, it has placed many lives in jeopardy by essentially destroying the God-given roles placed upon men and women, and the consequences have been devastating.So, how should Christians handle this controversial topic? Can a Christian woman be a feminist?If we really want to answer these questions, we need to see how God defines feminism and what He has to say about His design of womanhood.Photo Credit: ©iStock/Getty Images Plus/nito100