Christian Network Group (Huntington Beach)

Why Join Christian Network Groups? What do we offer? A. We do this because we know God has lead us to do so. I. Are you honoring God in your business or work? II. Do you have a spiritual transformation plan for your business or work? III. Are you trying to be better at work or different? 1. Learn to Restore the Preeminence (first place) of Jesus Christ in your business by learning to rely on the Holy Spirit by being in communion with Him. 2. As business owners or leaders, we are CEO’s – Christ’s Executive Officers – and only #2 in our company. 3. A closer relationship with God and other Christian run businesses as you apply these things to your business and your life. 4. You’ll receive the workbook, by Leray Heyne our mentor, to go through and learn how to apply the godly principles that are the foundation in the CNG meetings. 5. A team of professional business people as your unpaid sales force at the monthly meetings. 6. A chance to give a short presentation about your business to everyone in your group. 7. A free video interview with me to promote your business. 8. An opportunity to start your own CNG meeting in a location of your choice. 9. A business coach is just a phone call away. (Howard or Debbie Oakes) 10. A collection of Christian run businesses as mentors, teachers, & speakers. 11. You can attend any of the Christian Network Groups chapters. What we expect from you as members: 1. A one year commitment: You must be at the meetings to understand each other’s businesses. They rely on you to be there and you rely on them to be there! 2. Go through the Workbook (can take about 6 months). There’s a learning curve: it will take time to understand all the aspects of the workbook and apply them. 3. Contribute by being involved during the meetings. 4. Pray for each other as the Lord leads. Only $30 a month with a yearly commitment. You can pay monthly or $330 for the year which is one month free. You are committed to your business, then also be committed to this group. You’ll see spiritual growth and have some improvement in your business.


Heritage Dilday Memorial
17911 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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