Community Candlelight Prayer Vigil

On Sunday, September 22nd, Playa Christian Church will host a Community Candlelight Prayer Vigil at the Playa Del Rey Elementary School inside the auditorium to bring attention to the astonishing rise of mass shootings, gun violence, and suicides devastating our nation. Right now when sensitivities are high and wounds are fresh, may the church of Jesus Christ lead the way in promoting prayerful peace, comfort and unity, starting in God’s house and then overflowing into the culture. This event will remember those who have lost their lives to this violence, hold up those who were harmed before the mercy of God, and ask for healing for the brokenhearted. People are hurting and they need hope. In order to make this a powerful, community-wide statement, we need your support. The vigil will take place inside the auditorium of Playa del Rey Elementary School at 10:30 am.


Playa del Rey Elementary School
12221 Juniette St.
Culver City, CA 90230
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