Coworkers Raise Money to Surprise School Janitor Who Takes Buses, Walks Miles to Get to Work

While beloved school janitor Robert Reed never complained, he was taking 3 buses and walking 2 miles just to get to work every day. So, his coworkers surprised him with enough money to buy a car. His emotional reaction is so powerful!

Robert Reed is the school janitor at Farmington Elementary School in Germantown, Tennessee. And he takes pride in what he does.

“This building was built in 1975 so it takes a lot of work. It’s a pleasure to do the job,” he says.

Robert’s upbeat attitude and strong work ethic had endeared him to the students and teachers alike. He works hard to keep the school ship-shape for them.

"No job's too big or too small,” he says. “I want to make a safe, clean, sanitized environment for the students."

As if the excellent work he does on the clock wasn’t enough, the 60-year-old school janitor proved his dedication by the lengths he’d go each and every day to get to his job.

Without a vehicle of his own, Robert had to take 3 buses and walk 2 miles in order to get the school. So, while he would clock out at 3 pm, most nights his commute didn’t have him home until 7 pm.

Folks couldn’t believe it when they found out how far the school janitor traveled each day just to come to work. But for “Mr. Robert”, these challenges never dampened his spirits. It was all worth it to work with his “Farmington family.”

“It’s a joy to work here. Joy, pure joy,” he tearfully explained.

A Little Help From Friends

Everyone knew the school janitor was saving up for a truck. And his fellow colleagues at the school decided to help him speed up the process!

One of the teachers set up a GoFundMe fundraising page for Mr. Robert. In less than a day, the donations hit $7,000. And by the end of the donation period, the school had raised $10,000 total to help Robert Reed get his truck.

Everyone gathered together to surprise their favorite school janitor with the incredible act of kindness. And his emotional reaction was truly touching!

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Colossians 3:23 states, “And whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord, and not for men.” Clearly, Mr. Robert applies this principle to his work. And it’s wonderful to see his dedication rewarded with such an incredible act of kindness!

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Featured Image: WREG News Channel 3