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Entire Neighborhood Comes Together To Sing 'Happy Birthday' To Neighbor Turning 98

When it came time to sing the Happy Birthday song to 98-year-old Barbara, Chris Carr made sure the entire neighborhood showed up. And thankfully, the heartwarming story is caught on camera!

As COVID-19 has caused many people to shelter indoors for safety, this also means missing out on some momentous occasions.But folks are finding some pretty creative ways to honor special moments while maintaining social distancing. And Chriss Carr is one of those people.

Man Rallies Neighbors For Birthday Surprise

When Chris heard that his neighbor, Barbara, was turning 98, he wanted to make sure she felt special.

Chris and Barbara live on the same street in Redditch, Worcestershire. He had the brilliant idea to rally all of the neighborhood together to sing the Happy Birthday song.

He told Daily Mail, "Obviously, given the current pandemic I maintained a social distance while I was out knocking doors and every single member of our community agreed to come and sing."

And he received an overwhelmingly positive response. "Most of the people who I spoke with knew Barbara. In fact, everyone on the street said ‘Oh Barbara... Yeah, we will come and sing."

In this viral clip, you can see Barbara emerge from her home and receive an unforgettable birthday surprise. The look on her face says it all as all her neighbors sing the happy birthday song.

This is definitely one special lady and it's so incredible to watch this community come together during these uncertain times. And it's a moment that has truly had a lasting effect on the entire neighborhood.

Chris said, "I feel closer to my neighbours now and when we go out on our daily exercise or if we are walking the dog and see a neighbour in the front garden we will actually stop and talk."

WATCH: Neighbors Sing Happy Birthday Song To 98-Year-Old

h/t: Godtube