Laura Story - Don't Let This Be Just Another Christmas

Has Christmas become drab and routine?  Has it become chaotic, bitter, or even painful?  This year, make a change!  Don't let this be just another Christmas this year!

Join with Laura Story and pledge to make this Christmas not just another Christmas. Instead of going through the motions ask yourself what would it look like to celebrate the birth of Christ in a new and fresh way. Then share with us what you will be doing to make this Christmas not “Just Another Christmas” by using the hashtag #JustAnotherChristmas on social media.

Laura is currently in the process of taping a DVD for a bible study curriculum based on her devotional, When God Doesn't Fix It

Laura comments on why she wrote this devotional series and what it addresses, "It’s for anyone whose prayer was not answered in the way they expected, or maybe not in the time frame they might have preferred. It is for anyone who has walked a hard road that’s caused them to question their beliefs. For those who have found themselves at the holy crossroads of trying to decide whether to turn from God or trust Him with greater abandon. In many ways it’s a story of faithlessness (pun intended) that God has redeemed by His faithfulness. But most of all, it’s another way of surrendering my life and story to God, to see His power displayed in ways that I could only dream might be possible. To Him be the glory in all things."