Lauren Daigle Adds Feature Song to "Blade Runner 2049" Movie Soundtrack

Lauren Daigle sits with composer Hans Zimmer to discuss the music for "Blade Runner 2049"

Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch are no strangers to motion picture music scoring.  Between the two of them, they have written music for dozens of major releases; many that are top of mind of any movie-goer.  Zimmer and Wallfisch together just scored the music for the motion picture, Blade Runner 2049, coming to theaters fall 2017. 

What is unique about this release is the collaboration with Christian singer Lauren Daigle.  Lauren has writing and performance credits for the feature song of the movie; a song titled, “Almost Human”.

In the Facebook Live video interview, conducted by Vanity, Lauren was candid about her scant experience with creating for the motion pictures. “I was really new," the singer confessed. "This is the first song I’ve ever written for a film before, so this was very new territory for me.”  After some collaboration with the creative team, the vision for the song and its message become much clearer for Lauren.  “In the Blade Runner story, there’s characters that don’t exactly amount to our human nature.  And there’s plenty of time that I long for something more, just like some of these characters would.  So for my involvement, it felt like I got to come out a little bit and respond to the nature of these characters…and [I] tried to pen a lyric to it.”  

Blade Runner 2049 is in theaters October 5th.

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